Our First Blog

With this being the first blog for us I think we will begin with a short introduction and what type of content we will put in our blogs. 

Swartwout Solutions started as an idea that I had many years ago when I first started in Historic Renovation in 1997.  During this time working with homes well over fifty plus years old, I started to gain a respect for the craftsmen that created these master pieces of art.  Almost all of the details that went into each home was custom made on site and in most cases without a power tool in hand.  Just try to imagine the skill, strength, and stubbornness required to turn these plans into reality without the aid of computers or tech support.  The people that made these homes also stood by there word and didn't hide behind loop holes.

Now some 17 years later with the support of Wife(Danielle) and our children behind me, we have decided to go all in with my dream(now it is our dream).  Danielle and I have always had a great love for the Victorian era homes, gardens, decorations, and so on.  Now, that we purchased a home well over a hundred years old.  We have found it next to impossible to find the items needed to turn this home back into its full potential and recreate the great care in which the original craftsman used.  Which further reinforced the need for a company that offers the solutions that we have.  While we do more then historic renovation.  We hope that through our many other services offered we can support the preservation of  our history.

Through this blog we hope to communicate to you our successes, discoveries, progress on projects, some humor of DIY stories, from time to time my opinion on home improvement ideas and products.


Posted on August 30, 2014 .