Our Values

When trying to summarize who we are as a company it is hard to narrow it down to a list but when we started this company we had very precise values that we wanted to build off of. We wanted to bring something to the consumer that means something. When we envisioned this company we wanted people to know what sets us out from the rest. 


Information is ever changing. In this industry technique changes about as often as seasonal taste and so what we have to learn to provide our customers with top notch service never stops. We pride ourselves on constant evolution of our knowledge base.

We strive to educate our customers. When we come for a quote we take the time to walk through the home with you and talk about your thoughts and educate you on your options. For example, the way that we look at material choices for homes is completely different than when considering a rental property. Neither is less important than the other but both are crucial in getting each client to the outcome that they are looking to achieve.  This is all part of our customer care approach and the belief that you deserve our care and attention from the first contact.

Employees are the third corner of this pyramid. Some industries are intimidated by educating their staff to elevate their knowledge base to excellence. We don’t see it that way. In our company we want to create strong leaders in the industry. We believe if we do our job right we educate someone to become our competition for through that there is constant improvement. 


I know every company has quality as one of the values.  Without clearly stating what quality means to them.  We could give you the dictionary’s take on quality but that is not what it means to us.  For us it’s much more personal. Quality to us means that we expect that the work that we complete in each home is no less than we would expect in our own home. We believe that each client is entitled to know that we strived to meet their needs. 


Honesty covers some much and in today’s world it could also leave out so much.  This is cemented in our love of the historic elements of this company. Call us old fashioned, but we strive to bring business back to a time where you could look someone in the eye and they knew your word was your word. A handshake meant the same as written contracts and dirty dealing wasn’t something honest hard working people did. We want to bring that back. We believe that each customer has the right to be treated with integrity and to know that if it’s not right, we’ll fix it and at the end of the day we put our all into making them happy. 


Reflection for some can be tough. There are times and some professionals that think the job is done when it’s done but we think hind sight really is 20/20.  Why not use it to make your future better, to make the service we offer that much better?  After each project each member of the team is asked to go back and reflect. What is at least one thing we could have done better? From customer service to physical labor we applies this to our entire business model because our priority is to always make the experience that much better for each and every customer. To aid in this we send out customer surveys after each job, so you as the customer can help us make the process that much better. 

Our Mission

Sometime in the past something changed in what is being presented to us for consumption.  Quality and individuality has slowly diminished and we have been force to shape who we are based on what is being mass produced at the moment.  Swartwout Solutions believes that everyone should have the ability to have whatever they can imaging to express who they and it should stand the test of time.  We also believe that our history is what makes us who we are today, this needs to be preserved for our future generations.  By preserving our historic items we hope that this will remind us that low quality mass produced homes and items are unacceptable for our children.  We believe that everything thing that we do should withstand the test of time and have a quality that will be surpassed by nothing while highlighting the individuality of our clients.  Regardless if it is building a simple step stool or renovating a Victorian Estate quality and individual flare are essential to making your house a home.   You are entitled to a quality.    


Our History

Swartwout Solutions started as an idea that I had many years ago when I first started in Historic Renovation in 1997.  During this time working with homes well over fifty plus years old, I started to gain a respect for the craftsmen that created these master pieces of art.  Almost all of the details that went into each home was custom made on site and in most cases without a power tool in hand.  Just try to imagine the skill, strength, and stubbornness required to turn these plans into reality without the aid of computers or tech support.  The people that made these homes also stood by there word and didn't hide behind loop holes.

Now some 17 years later with the support of Wife(Danielle) and our five children(Evan, Trent, Robert, Preston and Isabelle) behind me, we have decided to go all in with my dream (now it is our dream).  Danielle and I have always had a great love for the Victorian era homes, gardens, decorations, and so on.  Now, that we purchased a home well over a hundred years old.  We have found it next to impossible to find the items needed to turn this home back into its full potential and recreate the great care in which the original craftsman used.  Which further reinforced the need for a company that offers the solutions that we have.  While we do more then historic renovation.  We hope that through our many other services offered we can support the preservation of  our history.