is the process of returning a broken, damaged, or outdated structure to its original state while adding a touch of your own into the mix.  Just like anything, as time passes your home begins to show signs of aging, becomes outdated or damaged.  With our services we will help you to return your home to its original state and prepare it for tomorrow and years to come.  

Historic Restoration

If you're like us and love the craftsmanship of the past your're some what put out by the mass produced building materials of today.  We can assist you in bringing out the historic craftsmanship while skillfully melding with the convenience of today.  Restoring the elegance of the past is one of our greatest passions.  Older homes are making way to more conventional homes, pre-designed to be put up quickly with little variance except in color. Our company believes that we need to ensure that the unique homes of the past with their hand crafted touches need to be preserved in such a way that our children's children can enjoy them just as much as we do.    

Home remodeling

Running out of idea's on how to make your space into your space.  Let's start from scratch and tear out the walls and ceiling and make it into a blank slate.  There is no such thing as it can't be done.  Regardless of what you want it can be done as long as you find a contractor that is comfortable with stepping outside the box to achieve your vision.  If you want to move a door frame over just a couple of inches or completely remove the roof and add second story.  Swartwout Solutions has the resources to make it happen.  From start to finish we can do that for you.     

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