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Hardwood flooring installation

Swartwout Solutions has been installing custom hardwood floors for over 15 years.  I would love to say that I have seen it all but every time I say that a new challenge presents itself.  The key however is constant education. The concept of our company is to provide our customers with un-parallel information.  What that means in terms of the company structure is that every “problem” becomes an opportunity to learn how to make our craft stronger and therefore push us to the forefront of the industry and set us out from the rest.  It also allows us to skip the middle man to insure that your flooring project is done in a reasonable time frame and the finished project exceeds your expectations.

In today’s industry we've seen a great increase in DIY flooring projects. There are websites, youtube videos and even whole shows dedicated to it.  Speaking with experience I will say that of course some people manage to get lucky.  All types of flooring have their tricks to achieve the desired look.  With installation of hardwood floors it may take a few seasons before the surprise of unchecked moisture content rears its ugly head or the incorrectly laid sub floor begin the patented (squeak and pop). We saw this concept in the housing boom. Developers were selling homes faster than they could build them, substituting quality products and passing by the standard practice of quality work all in an attempt for faster turn over. Now what we have are homes with roofs under 15 years old caving in and attics filled with mold from improper venting. The main point being, yes there are instances where you can do it yourself but are you sure you know what you are doing?

When installed and finished correctly wood flooring will last centuries and is always in style.  Upkeep is low and if there is only light scratches to the wood it can be resurfaced in less than one day, three for the deeper imperfections or damage.  And unlike carpet you can’t stain it with a spill and if any accidents happen repairs are easily made.


In most of southern Wisconsin our service area includes: Janesville, Milwaukee, Madison, Fond du Lac and all surrounding locations.