Hardwood floor care


Caring for your hardwood floor properly is what will make the finish last the longest.

After the finish is done being applied I tell customers to wait as long as possible before placing furniture back into the rooms no less than 48-72 hours after the last coat. Use felt pads under everything that is being placed in direct contact with the floors. Wait no less than 30 days before placing an area rug in the room. Polyurethane takes 30 days before it is fully cured. So if you place a rug on the floor it slows the curing time and could potentially cause the rug to adhere to the floor.

Grit and sand tracked in from shoes are one of the top causes of wear patterns and scratches. So make sure any shoes coming in contact are clean of all debris. This can be achieved by placing a small rug in the entrance into the room or not wearing shoes on the floor. High heels can also damage floors. The amount of force the heel can transfer to the floor is in the upwards of 8,000 pounds per square inch.

To clean, sweep or dust mot on a regular basis. Wait 30 days before using anything damp on the floor. When mopping your wood floor i suggest nothing stronger than white vinegar and water for regular cleaning. Your mop should be damp but not wet where you would see a water trail after a mop pass. 

For heavy stains add a little dish soap to the vinegar and water. Do not use anything abrasive on the finish like a scouring pad, SOS pad, or comet cleaning powder. Do not use a wet mop or anything that uses steam to clean. Over time it will cause the finish to separate from the wood or cause the floor to warp.

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