Refinishing is repairing or reapplying a new finish to items.  Whether it is your floor, trim or an old toy box. We will make it look like new or better.  Making your home complete down to the last detail.  

Customs Color Matching

Sometimes it becomes hard to find a new color for your room because the center piece of the come is such an over powering color.  I used to have a dinning room table that was a golden oak color and we enjoy the darker earth tones.  Regardless of what we did to the floors and trim the table always stuck out.  So we refinished the table and the room finally looks complete.  So let us see what look you are trying to achieve and see if we can make your furniture comply with your vision.

Hardwood Floor Repair, Refinishing, Installation

Hardwood flooring is one of only a few floor coverings that will actually add value to your home and the only one that you adjust the color of without having to completely replace.  If cared for correctly it will easily last over hundreds of years.  Whether it is a small scratch or a complete install from wall to wall we have the experience to meet all of your hardwood flooring needs.  Ask us about our custom stain matching.  

Custom Trim, Trim Refinishing, Repair

Trim is that final touch in any room.  It helps highlight the character of the room or the entire home.  If you are looking to match the one piece that got lost many years ago, remove a dozen layers of paint or just completely change everything we have the knowledge and tools to make the final touch to your room the one that everyone will notice.


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